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May 10, 2023 | 3 min read

Exosomes regrow hair

Updated: June 1, 2023

There are currently a limited number of non-surgical treatments for hair loss.  Platelet Rich Plasma and micro-needling were the first methods developed.  Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, involves removing the patient’s blood, isolating the platelet-rich plasma component, and then re-injecting it into the patient’s scalp. The PRP is often enriched for growth factors that can stimulate hair follicle growth. In some patients, PRP injections can help promote hair growth and it tends to work best in patients who have thin hair strands (or miniaturized hairs). Another promising option is micro-needling, this involves using a skin roller with small needles to cause minor injuries in the skin. The growth factors released to heal these injuries have shown positive but variable results in the treatment of hair loss.  To be completely honest, both of these procedures have been inconsistent.  Enter Exosomes!  These minute extracellular vesicles carry messenger RNA, micro-RNA and proteins, including growth factors to dormant hair follicles, switching them back into their growth phase.  And, the results have been speaking for themselves across the country with a success rate not seen with any previous non-surgical hair loss treatments. 
The use of high-quality exosomes is essential to the success of this procedure.  At Elevate Vero Beach, we only use exosomes and stem cell products from New Life Regenerative Medicine.  We strictly use this company because their quality control and track record are impeccable.  New Life has developed technologies to harvest a large number of exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells taken out of umbilical tissue. Donors are screened for HIV, Hepatitis, and other diseases.  Once the tissues are collected, they are screened as well for quality and any possible pathogens.  Once the sample is considered safe and viable, the exosomes are extracted and shipped cold to us for application.  New Life is one of only a few FDA Certified Tissue Banks and Collection Facilities in the country. 
While the mechanism of action of exosomes has not been fully elucidated, many hypothesize that exosomes target existing stem cells in your scalp. Scalp stem cells are mostly located in the “bulge area” of your hair follicles and their activation can result in the growth of existing miniaturized hairs and the growth of new hairs. Hair transplant surgeons and regenerative doctors that have been early adopters of exosomes have obtained very promising results, with a much quicker onset and more robust hair growth than PRP (platelet-rich plasma). In addition, there have been anecdotal results of hair growth in completely bald scalps, a feat previously not achieved with other injectable hair loss treatments. 

Exosomes are quickly becoming known as a superior hair restoration treatment.  Quality Exosomes and the proper application make a huge difference.  At Elevate Vero Beach, we use the highest quality, tested Exosomes from New Life.  Our provider, Will Joyce, P.A. has performed over 400 stem cell treatments with an 87% success rate.  Whether it is hair regrowth or treating any degenerative issues you have with aging, we can help.  Call us to learn more about our Regenerative Treatments. 

Billy Dayton  
Elevate Vero Beach 

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